About Bräu Supply

At Bräu our goal is to help you brew better beer.

When we created our 3-gallon brew system, we were inspired to push the limits of what’s possible in a home brewery.

The Unibräu system’s high quality components and innovative, functional design offer home craft brewers ultimate control over the process without the hassles of large batch brewing.

Uncomplicated, high quality, precision brewing. What could be better?


Our products

We make top quality equipment for home brewers.

3-gallon batches are the perfect size for testing and for learning how to brew. Our system will give you accurate and reproducible results… and it’s economical, too. You’ll get 60% of the beer for less than half of the price of some of the larger electrical brewing systems out there. 

We scoured the earth for the best components we could find and we filled in the blanks with components of our own design. All the products on this site that were developed at brausupply.com carry our Bräu Logo. Our components are made of industrial grade stainless steel and non-leaching plastics. We guarantee our products for one year after purchase. We stand behind what we make. 

No high voltage outlets or household electrical modifications are necessary to use our Bräu system. Simply set it up on your countertop and start brewing.

Want to make it yourself?  Have a look at our a la carte parts – from kettles to electric controller parts and kits.  


Our history

Hi, I'm Steven, the founder of brausupply.com. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, I’m an avid cyclist and I love brewing beer.

I was inspired to create the Unibräu Mini small batch brew system because I knew there had to be a better, more compact, fun and efficient way to brew high quality craft beer.

I had a desire to brew like the pros, but I really didn't like brewing on the stovetop. My better half objected to me tying up the stove for over 5 hours at a time. Plus, I found lifting 5 gallons of hot wort a serious PIA. 

So I invested in a 3-vessel brew system and started making 10-gallon batches. I dedicated a space in my basement and made some electrical modifications to my home. I brought in a 30A dedicated receptacle for beer brewing, and made a significant investment in kettles and ventilation. Sounds good, right? But I found that large batch beer brewing didn’t go well with my love of cycling.

Drinking 10 gallons of beer wasn’t going to help me fly up the slopes of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, so I found I was only brewing a batch once a month or so. That wasn’t often enough to satisfy my brewing itch. And it wasn’t often enough to allow me to really hone my craft brewing skills, either.

So I set out to develop a product to solve my problem – an economical small-batch system that anyone can use to brew all-grain beer. It had to be easy and fun and require no home electrical modifications. It also had to be apartment friendly, time-efficient and cost-effective. I wanted to use stainless steel and non-leaching plastics wherever possible and it all had to happen off of the stovetop. After some long nights in the garage, I came up with our all-in-one brew system. Now I can brew just like my favourite craft brewery. And you can, too.

Check out our small batch brewing system here.  


Getting started

Check out our “learn” section here. Want to build it yourself? Need brew tips? We want to cover all of your bases, and are constantly writing new how-to's. Be sure to check back regularly for our latest tips and tutorials.

Happy brewing!