Click on any of the links below for printable versions of assembly,  and quick start guides to most of our products.  We also uploaded beersmith profiles and we encourage you to give us feedback on these.  Shoot us an email, check us out on Facebook, there's lot's of ways to get in touch and keep the conversation going.


User Manuals (PDF version)

Auber Instruments PID SWA-2451 manual

Brew Boss Operation Manual

Dwyer TSW-250 Manual

Dwyer TSW-250 Dual Stage Controller Quick Start

Ranco ETC Controller Manual

Ranco ETC Controller Quick Start

SV120 PID Controller Quick Start

SV120 and SV240 EZboil quick start

Unibräu Assembly Manual

Unibräu Pro Assembly Manual


 Beersmith Profiles

Unibräu mini 12.5L (3G) batch

Unibräu 23L (6G) batch

Unibräu Pro 100L    57L (15G) batch 

Unibräu Pro 45L    23L (6G) batch

How To Instructional

BIAB brewing with a Unibräu brew system

Brewing element installation/removal



How to manage the hot break:

Determining proper Boil rate and PwrB setting:

Automatic vs. manual brewmode:

 Using the power slider bar:

How boil detect function works: