Unibräu All In One Electric Brew System

System And Size
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Updated for 2023! The Unibräu is the orginal all-in-one countertop brewing system that makes brewing beer easy!  Its modular and space saving design is made of the highest quality stainless steel and comes with everything you need to brew today.  Choose from our options and brew from 3 gallons (12L) to 15 gallons (60L) per batch.  Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced brewer looking to scale down the Unibräu is for you.  

What's Included?

Unlike our competitors imitations we include Everything you need to get brewing from day one!  That means included in the price is the pump and the counterflow wort chiller.   All you need is a vessel to ferment in, a large brew spoon, and your grains to start your first brew day. 

10G or 20G kettle and grain basket including both kettle and grain basket lid, SV1 Controller brewing element and power cord, BR-19 pump, Unibräu quick disconnect Tri-clamp fitting kit with butterfly valve and premium ball valve coil in coil counterflow wort chiller with quick disconnect kit (8' of supply and discharge tubing for the chiller is included).  

240V systems come with the SV240 Power Regulator in addition which regulates power to the 5500W element.

Optional is the premium bundle for each of the systems which comes with all the accessories that you need to brew like a pro.

Premium Bundle accessories:

Power Requirements:

120V system requires a 15A 120V standard household outlet.

240V system requires a standard 4 wire 14/30 dryer outlet.

If you require a 3 wire 240V configuration, let us know in the order notes and we can build it! We'll supply a bare stripped 3 wire cord end and you supply the 10-30 plug.

Not everyone has a 30A 240V dryer outlet available to them, which is why our 120V system is so popular.  Our 120V system needs a common 120V 15A outlet, and if you're brewing in your kitchen it's likely you'll have 2 outlets on seperate circuits in order to utilize our element upgrade kit.  This gives you up to 3300W of power at 120V which is more than plenty for a 5 gallon batch.  A 1650W element heats 6 gallons of water at roughly 1.6 deg/min and a 5500W element heats the same volume at 5.5 deg/min.


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Unibräu manual
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Brewing with Unibräu part 1 - The Mash
Brewing with Unibräu part 2 - Boil and Ferment


The Unibräu comes with a full 12-month warranty, and we believe it'll last you a lifetime. The included brewing elements are warrantied for 90 days.