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Brew Kettles

Our beautifully welded 304 stainless kettles will last you a lifetime. Brew with them using gas, or on a stovetop, or put an element inside, they're up to the task at hand.  Accessorize them with our extensive range of custom fittings.


Our kettles are designed with a tri-clad induction capable base, and 1.2mm thick bodies with professional grade Tri-clamp compatible fittings.  You simply won't find anything better to suit your brewing needs.  From our beautifully finished sanitary welds to the polished exteriors and laser etched internal markings, our brew kettles are second to none.


Our kettles are designed for a variety of applications.  One kettle does it all!  We were the first to the market with our world famous Unibräu design, which has been often imitated but never replicated, and our design makes adding a range of accessories, and creating 3 vessel brew systems simple.  Never replace your kettle, simply accessorize it!