Unitank Jacketed Conical Fermenter


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Bräu Supply Unitank jacketed fermenters are the very best in the business, and temperature control is achieved in the best manner utilizing the liquid filled jacket.  

 In our opinion, fermentation is even more important than the brew process itself.  Fermentation is where you can really pull the levers to control the flavour profile of the beer you've brewed.  


  • Jacketed walls ensures more efficient cooling of wort and eliminates the drop in cooling coil (a potential source of batch contamination) and makes sanitization a breeze.
  • Working pressure of 15 psi.
  • 6" or 8" tri-clamp fermenter opening simplifies operation while eliminating the large gasket of our competitors design, and more easily holds pressure up to 15psi.
  • 2" dump valve
  • A myriad of connection options and extra ports, allows you to connect glycol, heating options, temperature sensor, carbonation stones.
  • Adjustable leg height.

What's Included:                                                                                                                                                          

- Unitank with adjustable legs
- Drop in ruler with volume markings
- Stainless fermenter blow off assembly
- Rotating racking arm
- Sample valve
- Analogue pressure gauge 0-30 psi
- 15 psi pressure reducing valve
- 2" tri-clamp elbow
- 2" butterfly valve
- 2" tri-clamp and gasket x 2
- 1.5" butterfly valve x 2
- 6"-3" tri-clamp cap for 35L and 8"-3" tri-clamp cap for 50L-150L sizes
- 6" tri-clamp clamp and gasket for 35L and 8" tri-clamp clamp and gasket for 50L-150L sizes
- 3" cap, clamp and gasket
- 1.5" tri-clamp and gasket x 10
- 1.5" cap x 2


Video: Managing fermentation temperatures using the Temperature Control Kit and ETC controller