Unibräu 120V Element Upgrade Kit



Brew in less time by adding this element upgrade kit to your Unibräu system.  This kit adds another 1650W element to your brew system, and comes with the necessary hardware to easily install it into your kettle.  Because of the modular nature of the system, you simply can move the temperature probe from the kettle, into the tee on the discharge end of the pump.  Installs in seconds, this will halve the time to mash, and to boil temperature.  This element kit is used manually, and so should be unplugged when approaching your mash temperature, as only one element is needed to maintain the mash.  


Remember to plug this element kit into a separate GFCI receptacle on a separate circuit so as not to trip the breaker.  If using an extension cord, a 12 gauge cord is recommended. 

what's included:

  • Your choice of 1650W or 600W stainless steel element
  • 6' Nema 15-5 14 gauge power cord with a matching twist lock plug
  • 1.5" Tri-Clover compatible 304 stainless tee
  • Qty 2 304 stainless steel Tri-Clover compatible clamps and silicone gaskets

 More Info:

If you are wondering, 600W is plenty of power, and we would recommend this choice if brewing with the ETC controller.  The ETC is not as accurate at controlling temperature overshoot, and with the 600W element plugged into the ETC, you'll prolong it's life, and have better mash control.

The 1650W upgrade kit should be your choice with the EZboil controller as this controller is based on using a PID algorithm and can pulse the power to prevent overshoot.


600W element + 1650W element 6.35gal (24l) temperature rise = 2.25deg/min or from mash out to boil for a standard 5gal batch is around 20 minutes.

1650W element + 1650W element 6.35gal (24l) temperature rise = 3.3deg/min  or from mash out to boil for a standard 5gal batch is around 14 minutes.

Unibrau Element Kit installed


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