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We just received notification that the single missing part to our system is on it's way to us.  We are expecting it in port Feb 1, 2018 and will be shipping as soon as we can!

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The Unibräu is your all in one brewing system which makes any type of craft beer from grain.  It is modular in it's design and starts with our amazing brew kettle and removable grain basket.  It is built from stainless steel and only the highest quality components, has a 10.5 Gallon (40L) capacity and can brew up to 6 Gallons (23L) of beer in a single session.  Commercial brewery grade disconnects are featured throughout the system for easy assembly, cleaning, and integration with your existing brewery.


The Unibräu is powered by electricity and plugs into a regular household outlet.  An ultra low watt density 304 stainless steel heating element is supplied with the brewing system.  This element eliminates scorched wort and is easily removed for an efficient clean up.  It can quickly and safely ramp up the heat between mash steps and can get you to a boil after mash out in as little as 20 minutes.

Our robust aluminum clad, water resistant dual stage temperature controller has been designed to be simple and easy to use.  Just select your desired mash temperature and begin brewing.  Manual step mashes are easy to perform and we even included a cooling output, should you want to manage fermentation temperatures in your brew room, or control the flow of water through the included counterflow chiller.  Accurate temperature sensing is done with the removable 304 stainless steel temperature probe.

Our high quality stainless pump has been fitted to circulate the wort over the grain bed while mashing for maximum efficiency.  It can also be used to push the wort through the included plate chiller during the cooling stage for efficient cooling of the wort.  Plus, you can use it during the cleaning phase to get ready for your next brew!   

Grain Basket:

Our robust one piece 304 stainless steel grain basket allows you to brew up to 20 lb (9.5kg) of grain.   To remove the grains, simply lift and turn the basket 45º to rest the silicone covered posts of the grain basket on the specially designed grain rest. You can now choose to begin the boil process, or proceed to batch sparge over top of the grains if you wish.   

Wort Chiller:

Unibräu comes with a high efficiency counterflow wort chiller.  We designed this chiller to minimize clogging, yet retain the highest efficiency only achieved by plate chillers. It features the same tri-clover compatible quick disconnect fittings featured on the rest of the brew system, and simply attaches to the pump.  It comes assembled, with a garden hose connection, and a faucet adapter included.  

A counterflow chiller exchanges the heat of the boiling wort to the incoming tap water in the most efficient manner, providing instant cooling.  This means instant transfer of the wort directly into your sanitized fermenter, without a secondary pass through the chiller, reducing the chance of contamination.  The chiller can cool your wort to within 5 degrees of incoming water temperature, and does so in as little as 10 minutes.

Specifications and what's included:


We love brewing with our Unibräu and we're sure you will too.  We are here to help you get started, and to answer any brewing related questions you may have.  Feel free to drop us a line here, or reach out to us on our question? page.  Our Unibräu comes with a full 12 month warranty, and we believe it'll last you a lifetime.  If you are not fully satisfied with the Unibräu, you are welcome to return it to us for a refund within 30 days. 


Unibräu manual

SV120-ETC Controller manual


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120V - Our standard 120V system ships with a 1600W element, and it is possible to speed up your brew day with our element upgrade kit (sold separately) providing you have another separate GFCI circuit nearby.

240V - This option is for those who want the fasted brew day possible.  The 120V element is substituted for our 5500W element and SV240 controller which connects with the Unibräu SV120-ETC for simple and very precise control over your mash temperature.  Temperature rise with this setup is an amazing 5ºF/min, which means achieving a boil from mash out in under 10 minutes!  With this set up you can still brew with 120V, or 240V giving you the most flexibility.  A 30A outlet is required for 240V operation.




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