SV240 Electric Brewery Controller

$399.00 USD

Product Description

Our electric brewery controllers allows you to safely supply power to your Bräu Supply 240V water heating elements.  This elegantly simple design built from extruded aluminum, can be controlled with our electronic temperature controllers. Power output can be regulated by the built in  knurled aluminum potentiometer knob.  Like a stereo volume knob, you turn it up for a faster temperature rise, making temperature mashes simple, and preventing unwanted boil-overs.  


A built in 120V receptacle is controlled by the front panel switch, giving you control over your wort pump.  The 3' 120V power cord plugs into your temperature controller output, or plugs into the front panel receptacle for manual control of the element.

These controllers easily plug into a standard 30A outlet, and are fitted with a 10' long power cord with a 14-30P dryer plug.  All internal components are UL certified.  A dryer plug will be either a Nema 14-30P configuration or Nema 10-30P.  The difference between these configurations is the absence of a ground wire in Nema 10-30P.  Both outlets can support the 240V Electric Brewery Controller. At this time we only supply our controllers with a Nema 14-30P plug, or with a bare cord end.  If a Nema 10-30P plug is desired, they can easily be sourced at your local hardware store or here and installed on the bare cord end.Of course, you should NEVER forget to install a GFCI with your 240V setup. 

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