SV1 Electric Brewing Controller

The SV1 controller is our most flexible design yet and is the easiest, simplest way to regulate the temperature of your mash.  It is a PID controller with easy to set up auto tune features, and can keep temperature to within 1/10th of a degree.  We decided to eschew timing features, in favour of simplicity, and you will have zero issues using this controller for all of your brewing needs.  Leave the timing to your smartphone! Alarms can be programmed to alert of impending boil, etc. to keep things safe.  Wall or counter mount.

Sensing duties come from a 304 stainless steel sensor with a 1.5” tri-clover mount and a silicone coated cable with a mini stereo jack for durability. 

In addition this controller can be used as a switching device for control of solenoid valves such as our fermenter control kit.

 Power Requirements:

SV1 is flex voltage and will work from 100V-240V.  It can control up to 1650W at 120V and up to 3000W at 240V. It is equipped with a 5-15 plug.  

When used with our SV240 controller, you have the ability to control up to 5500W brewing elements with precision.