Electric Brewery Controllers

Brau Supply Electronic Brew Controller

We specialize in single vessel electric brewery controllers, which are sold in 120V and 240V versions.  Our controllers are made of high quality UL approved components, and we source our electronic interfaces from Auber.  We recently started selling Brew-Boss controllers with our systems, but at this time we do not sell them individually.  If you are from Canada, it might be worth it to order your Brew-Boss setup through us, as you will save on duties and shipping.  

We offer three types of controllers, and they are listed below:

ETC electronic temperature controller:

Essentially these are simple switching devices.  These are offered in 120V setups for North American customers, and we can custom wire them for our International customers to be used with 240V.  Used reliably for years by professionals and home brewers alike, these are the type of controllers that are used for a refrigerated kegerator, or fermentation chamber.  We sell them 15A capable, meaning they can drive a 1500W (2500W International) element without any issue.  They are known to "overshoot" your mash temperatures, but only do so by 1 degree or so.  Versatile and simple, these are the cheapest option to get into electric brewing.  We offer them in "single stage" and "dual stage" options.  A single stage controller can only perform a single function at a time.  That means, if it is set in heating mode, it can only allow current to pass through when the actual temperature is below the set temperature.

A dual stage controller has an extra output which can heat and cool.  This means that it can switch between two devices and maintain a constant temperature.  For example a fermentation chamber in a garage may need to heat at times, and cool.  A dual stage controller could have a heater, and a fridge plugged into it and maintain a constant fermentation temperature.  Our dual stage controllers also operate more precisely and can switch on/off within 1/10th of a degree.

EZboil controller:

Our EZboil controller is a simpler version of a PID controller.  We love PID controllers, but we love the EZboil more.  PID controllers are precise, absolutely.  But after really getting into brewing, and from the professional brewers that we've had the pleasure of interacting with, they all say the same thing to us.  Keep it simple.  EZboil, doesn't have the precision of a PID, and we understand that there are those who want to keep their mash at 1/10th of a degree.  EZboil is easy to use.  Period.  This controller can time your mash and you can adjust and minimize temperature overshoot.  It notifies you at a set temperature in mash mode, for example if you wan't to be notified when to drop in your grains.  It has a boil mode which notifies you before you are about to reach a boil, and it reduces power at a preset temperature helping you to prevent an unwanted boil-over.  It also has a great timing feature, which automatically starts to count down when the pre-set temperature has been reached.  It remembers your mash timer preferences, and your boil times, alarming you when finished.  Finally, it knocks out power automatically, if you wish when timing is complete.

PID controller:

Our PID controller is the first brewing controller that we offered.  For ultimate precision, it is the way to go.  If pinpoint accuracy is what you want, then the PID is your answer.  The PID we use in our controllers has a mash timer feature, making step mashes a breeze.  It also has a manual mode for regulating a boil, an can be used also as a switching device to control a fridge.