Is Hot Side Aeration Bullshit?

Will I get off flavours in my beer? I never have given hot side aeration a lick of thought in the past, until someone mentioned to me that I'm probably getting off flavours from the way I aerate my wort during the whirlpool process of my Unibräu/Unitank Pro systems.  Naturally I was worried.  Off flavours in my beer?  Of course I doubted myself, and tried the last east coast IPA that I brewed, worried I'd screwed things up.  It's sometimes hard when you brew, you always 'think' that you taste something, and rarely am I completely satisfied with one of my creations.  Immediately I jumped on my computer and typed 'hot side aeration', and came up with this article related...

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Summer Flavors to Add to Your Brew

Some flavors to take your summer beer from ordinary to a flavor masterpiece Hey there and happy summer! Unfortunately, as August approaches, so do the final weeks of our favorite season. But, just because summer is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on the summery beers that come along with it. Here at Bräu Supply, providing the tools so that you can create great, home brewed beers that are perfect for any season is our specialty. In light of the final month of summer, we thought we’d talk about some of the many aromatic, sweet flavors that accompany some of our favorite summer beers. What’s great about these flavors is that they pair well...

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Take a look at these kickass 'lady bosses' running successful breweries!

Shout out to the ladies! You all are changing the face of the craft beer world, & we love you for it!

Do you know of any other female owned breweries? Please post any names or links for all of us!

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Does The Type Of Beer Glass Matter?

After spending a certain amount of time around fellow homebrewers, ale aficionados, and beer snobs, you’ve likely heard someone discuss the importance of the glass that you’re serving your beer in. A friend might recoil from you offering your new homebrew in a red plastic cup, and perhaps, rightfully so. But does the type of beer glass really make a difference in the way your beer tastes and smell? Aroma A quick trip to a craft brewer or specialty tap room will reveal a wide variety of glasses in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Glasses that are wider at the base, taper in the middle, and then flare out at the top are referred to as tulip glasses. These...

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An Intro To SMaSH Brewing

  For many first time home brewers, there’s an undeniable allure to brewing a big, complex beer with a lot of ingredients right away. They pick out three different hop varieties and 12 different malts and get to work trying to juggle all of these ingredients. We commend their can-do attitude, but for those who want to start simple, or just play with one type of hop or malt, you might try this smashing new approach: the SMaSH Brew. What’s It Mean? SMaSH stands for Single Malt and Single Hop. Rather than trying to mix and blend a bunch of different ingredients, this kind of brewing encourages homebrewers to really experiment with combinations of just two ingredients that complement each...

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