Unitank Pro All In One Brewing System


Based on the Unibräu Pro's design, the Unitank Pro adds Unitank capabilities to the all in one brewing process. This means you can use the vessel to brew, ferment,  brite, and as a serving tank for your fresh brewed craft beer.

Featuring a 15psi rated jacketed conical fermenter and a wedge wire false bottom grain basket (15 gal size) for better mash efficiency.  Our unique brewing method saves you time, money and space as you can brew in a much smaller footprint than traditional brew systems.  

Brewing capacity can easily be increased with the addition conical fermenters, and it's easy to maintain different temperatures with separate vessels in the same environment making it possible to brew lagers and ales in the same space.

The Unitank Pro brewing system gives you everything you need to brew all grain craft beer with great precision and the best easily repeatable results.

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What does my Unitank Pro brewing system come with?

Unitank Pro Specifications:

Video: Managing fermentation temperatures using the Temperature Control Kit and ETC controller

Assembling the temperature control kit


We use beer smith, and we created a profile for you to upload to your beersmith program here:

Assembly Video:

Mash Video: