Sparge Arm Kit

Bräu Kettle Size

Our sparge arm kit is for kettle owners and is designed to attach to the upper port in our 10G, 20G and 30G kettles.  If you are looking for the Unibräu sparge arm click here.  Keep in mind that a sparge arm is for sparging only, not vorlauf.  Vorlauf is the process of recirculating the wort while mashing, while the sparge arm's purpose is to rinse the sugars from the grain using hot water only, giving you higher efficiency and conversion from your mash.  Attaches to the inside of the kettle using our quick disconnect fittings.

Comes in 10" (25cm) length for the 10G kettles and 15" (37cm) length for 20G and 30G kettle sizes.

10G kettle and 10" arm pictured.