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  • HopBlock filter plate and Pickup Tube


    Unveiling the HopBlock Filter and Dip Tube: Your Gateway to Superior Brewing!

    Enhance your brewing prowess with the HopBlock Filter and Dip Tube, meticulously designed for Unibräu systems and our brew kettles. Unlike traditional hop spiders or blockers, the HopBlock stands out as the epitome of efficient hop filtration, ensuring a seamless brewing experience without clogs.

    Key Features:

    Uncloggable Performance: Say goodbye to limitations on hop additions. The SS304 filter plate, featuring precisely sized holes, guarantees smooth flow through first wort hopping, boiling, and whirlpooling.

    Durable and Serviceable: Crafted from perforated stainless steel, this filter plate handles both leaf and pellet hops effortlessly. The large diameter prevents clogging, and its smooth surface allows easy unclogging when needed.

    Easy Installation: The double-sealed dip tube ensures a spill-free transfer of your hard-earned wort into the fermenter. The one-piece silicone seal minimizes any risk of hops sliding underneath the HopBlock.

    Maintenance Made Simple: If the flow slows down due to a hop-filled kettle, a gentle scrape with a flat spoon on the filter plate restores optimal flow. The HopBlock is always serviceable and built to last a lifetime.

    Available Sizes:

    10G Size: 10" diameter for our 10-gallon kettle

    20G and 30G Size: 15.75" diameter for our 20-gallon and 30-gallon kettles

    Versatile Purchase Options: The HopBlock Filter and Dip Tube are sold together for a comprehensive brewing solution. Alternatively, you can purchase just the pickup tube [click here] for added flexibility.

    Elevate your brewing with the HopBlock – where efficiency, durability, and simplicity converge for a superior brewing experience. Brew like a pro!


    Technical Details
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    HopBlock filter in action vs. leaf and pellet hops:

    Hop Block Filter with hops


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    James Reneau
    Epic Fail (20 Gallon HopBlock Filter)

    I recently upgraded from a Unibrau 10g system to a 20g system. I chose Brau Supply because it was a modular system, and I could use all my existing Brau Supply pumps and heaters, etc. on the 20g system. I also ordered the HopBlock Filter for the 20-30G system since the one I had in my previous 10g system worked so well.
    I made a simple (8.5 lbs. of grain) Cream Ale with 1 ounce of hops and used the new HopBlock filter. After I was done, I saw that the HopBlock filter had basically started to collapse. I am thinking the span is too much and it buckled. I am guessing that there needs to be more support to prevent this from happening.
    I have never given anything but a 5-star rating to all of my Brau Supply product, but I cannot let this pass.

    Worked great (as a trub screen)!

    I use a big hop spider for my hop additions. I've read concerns about hop utilization being lower with a hop spider but if you check Brulosophy, they did a comparison and tasters could not distinguish an IPA brewed with direct hop additions versus using a hop spider.

    When I brewed previously with my 10 gallon Unibrau kettle (which I love), I tried to back flush the counter flow HX during the boil to sanitize it. Without the hop/trub screen I plugged the HX pretty badly. I managed to get it unplugged and cleaned, but I decided to buy this hop/trub screen to address the HX plugging issue.

    I just finished my brew (ESB that will be treated to American oak cubes after fermentation) and the screen worked great. I was able to back flush the HX during the boil (after soaking in Star San solution) and as the photo shows, the vast majority of the trub ended up in the boil kettle. I was also able to pump out all but about a pint of the wort.

    I do think you need to be a little careful to keep the silicone gasket on (see a previous review) as it could be a slightly tighter fit than it is, but mine stayed on and did the job. All in all a great addition to my Unibrau system.

    Haven't received it yet

    Still waiting for this part to arrive. It was not sent in my order and I had to reach out to Brau to find out what was happening with my missing part, The response was that they were meaning to reach out to me and let me know when they get them back in. I still have not received an update to my order and don't think they should charge people for products they don't have in inventory. Other than that the rest of my order is very nice and cant wait to brew with it. Quality of the materials is great!

    James R.
    Great product if used correctly

    I liked this because it really kept wort clean and clear. However, I double crushed the grist, which is what I had to usually do with my previous system. The flour clogged up the hopblock filter. I need to adjust my mill settings (if only I had read the manual suggestions). So, if this item can filter out "Flour", imagine how good it would be at filtering out hops... Great product.

    Works nicely

    This is a great design for blocking hops / trub from getting into your pump, 3-4 oz of hops, and a whole lot of trub wont phase it. Haven't tried a big ole NEIPA whirlpool hop load yet, but have not yet had to scrape it to keep flow moving. The only flaw is the silicone gasket can come off very easily. If you boil too hard it can lift the blocker and the gasket can come off, and it won't work at all.