Boil Kettle


We use the Bräu kettle as the heart of our Boil Kettle.  It's built using professional grade sanitary Tri-clamp ferrules and comes with either 4 or 6 port locations so you can accessorize your kettle in any way imaginable.  We include the kettle fitting kit, our whirlpool arm kit for single element and our amazing HopBlock filter plate and dip tube.

Choose the 6 port kettle if you want to keep the temperature sensor inside the kettle. Choose the 4 port kettle if you will install the sensor in the included instrument tee, or if you don't need a temperature sensor in your boil kettle.

A great location for the temperature sensor with the 4 port kettle is to place it on the tee onto the kettle but before the butterfly valve. This way you have continuous temperature monitoring, and can measure your whirlpool also.

Brewing element not included but can be purchased here.

 Kettle Features:

  • 304 stainless 1.2m steel kettle with tri-clad base.  Induction stove, gas flame, and electric capable
  • Gallon and later volume markings
  • 6 Tri-clamp compatible ports for infinite customizations
  • Polished exterior and brushed interior 
  • Silicone covered handles

Accessories Included:

  • Kettle fitting kit which includes 6 clamps and gaskets, 3 Tri-Clamp caps, and a butterfly valve.
  • Whirlpool arm kit for single element which includes the press in whirlpool arm, butterfly valve, instrument tee, and 2 clamps and gaskets.
  • HopBlock filter kit with dip tube sized to the kettle ordered