Brew Pump For Wort Transfer

Size and Voltage

 Our new BR series magnetic drive pumps are high temperature pumps capable of pumping hot wort at temperatures up to 120ºC (248ºF).  The pump body is a powder coated steel, and unlike a chugger pump these pumps are sealed, giving you IP44 protection which is perfect for the wet surroundings of a brewery.  The operation is silent, and the head and flow for a pump this size is amazing. These pumps do not require any lubricants, thus eliminating the risk of liquid contamination.  They also come with a steel mounting plate for permanent installation. The pump head is serviceable, and can be mounted in any direction to suit your application.  We feel that for your money, these robust durable pumps are absolutely the BEST value you can find.

Dimensions and Specifications:

Both pumps feature 304 stainless steel removable pump heads, polysulphone impellers, and 6' power cords. 


  • 1/2" MPT fittings
  • Max capacity 19L(5 gal)/minute
  • Max head 3.4m(11 feet)
  • Dimensions 200mm (7.9") L x 82mm(3.2") W x 101mm(4") H
  • Power draw 0.1A at 120V
  • 1.8kg(4lbs)


  • 3/4" MPT fittings
  • Max capacity 40L(10 gal)/minute
  • Max head 6.5m(21 feet)
  • Dimensions 274mm(10.8") L x 120mm(4.7") W x 130mm(5.1") H
  • Power draw .54A at 120V
  • 4kg(8.8 lbs)

 Compare to Chugger Pump: