1600W 120V Tri-Clover Compatible Brewing Element

$65.00 USD

Product Description

This high quality ultra low watt density brewing element is made from 304 stainless steel and features a 1.5" tri-clover compatible fitting with built in quick disconnect.  It is a fold back design, and can be plugged into any standard 15A household 120V circuit.  The L6-30P plug safely disconnects the power cable from your brewing vessel, making clean up easy.  The shiny polished stainless steel finish of the element prevents boil trub from sticking to the surface, and can just be wiped clean.  In our opinion, this is by far the best element design available for electric brewing.

Dimensions from the flange face is 16.75cm (6.5")

Choose to purchase the element only, or add a power cord.  We offer 2 configurations:

  • 6' 5-15 plug which connects directly into a standard household receptacle and  to the element.
  • 3' L5-20 plug which connects to a 20A twist lock receptacle and to the element.