Steam Condenser

Connection Kit

The steam condenser is mounted to the upper port of any of our 10G or 20G kettles, and our Unibräu brew systems.  Also, it can be used with the Unibräu Pro or HERMS system to eliminate steam from the boil when brewing indoors using tap water.  

The steam condenser is a simple solution that mounts to your brew kettle. Connect a water supply to the condenser, cover your kettle, and let cold water flow into the condenser when boiling.  The high quality304 stainless mixing nozzle will emit a fine hollow cone of water into the mixing chamber. The cold water causes a phase change of the steam back into water and flows out the exit hose.  

Some considerations when using the Steam Condenser:

  • Drain to the sink or a 5 gallon pail.  We recommend the lowest flow possible while still removing steam from the boil.  
  • Do not submerge the discharge tubing in water or the condenser will not work.
  • If using one of our EZboil controllers, lower the output to prevent a boil over.
  • The boil volume should be low enough below the condenser port so that the boiling wort won't escape into the port.
  • Do not allow the discharge tubing to form a trap preventing the discharge water to flow out.
  • You will need to adjust your recipe for the reduced boil off volumes when using the Steam Condenser.  We adjust downwards roughly 25%.


  • 1/2" male NPT fittings included to adapt for water connections.
  • optional quick disconnect tubing kit is included.  2 8' lengths of reinforced vinyl tubing with a GH connection, GH faucet adapter, 2 male QD fittings, 2 female QD fittings, 2 hose clamps.
  • Side mount option includes a 90º Tri-Clamp elbow
  • Lid mount option includes 2 90º Tri-Clamp elbows and a 2" Tri-Clamp extension tube.