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Our unique brewing method saves you time, money and space as you can brew in a much smaller footprint than traditional brew systems and get higher efficiency, with greater precision giving you easily repeatable results.


Unlike other fermenter based brew systems, ours is a complete rethink of what can be achieved in a conical brew design.  Other fermenter based brew systems are designed around BIAB method of brewing where the grains are hoisted out, leaving you with a fermenter half full of beer.  They require overhead hoists, necessitating great overhead clearance in order to operate the machinery.  Not only is this method potentially dangerous, as hoist failure could prove catastrophic,  but they are not nearly as efficient as our amazing space saving design.  Other fermenter based systems can only utilize roughly half of the fermenter space, as the displacement of the removable mash basket isn't as space efficient, and in order to fill the fermenter up with beer, they require the user adding a sparge step, which completely defeats the purpose of the BIAB type of design, which is to brew beer in a shorter amount of time.

Our system can operate with your existing mash equipment, and is a potential upgrade to Unibräu users.  And, it can double your batch volume that was previously capable using your mash tun.  Our Unibräu Pro leaves gives you a fermenter full of beer that requires no sparge step, and has higher efficiency. So, you truly do get to brew with less space, in a shorter amount of time, with less clean up, and better efficiency.

What's Included?

Everything you need to brew and ferment.  If you have a water supply nearby and water 1 degree cooler than your desired fermentation temperature, nothing else is needed.  Otherwise a small glycol chiller or an aquarium water chiller will keep your temperature perfectly. 

Standard System Contents and Specifications:

  • 14 gallon (53L) fermenter capacity.
  • Pressure rated for 5psi in vessel and 5psi in jacket.
  • 10G is suitable for batch sizes of 5-10 gallons.
  • 20G is suitable for batch sizes of 10-15 gallons.
  • 30G is suitable for batch sizes of 15-20 gallons.
  • A 2" butterfly valve, 4 1" butterfly valves and a 3 piece Tri-Clamp ball valve for micro adjustments to your mash tun.
  • 10 gallon kettle with internal volume markings.  Up to 24lbs (11kg) grain bill.
  • Laser cut mash tun filter designed for high flow, eliminating stuck mashes with over 1200 perforations.
  • Brew pump of your choice
  • ETC brew controller with SV240 to regulate cooling and heating for your system.  Requires a 4 wire standard dryer outlet (Nema 14-30R) and a standard 120V outlet.  For international 220-240V customers and those who require a 3 wire installation we can accommodate your needs, just send us a note with your wiring instructions along with your order.
  • All necessary Tri-Clamps, gaskets, adapters, silicone tubing fittings and one handed disconnects included to complete your brew day.  Castors are not included but can be purchased separately.
  • Our amazing new 10" inline filter and gas ball lock Tri-Clamp adapter is included with a 400 Micron stainless filter cartridge. This makes transfers to ball lock kegs simple, fast and oxygen free.
  • Our re-inforced braided vinyl tubing quick connection kit is included with the system making safe and quick connections from your water supply to the fermenter.

Premium System Contents:

Everything in the Standard System contents are included along with these items:

  • 150 micron 304 stainless 10" filter cartridge for finer filtration works with our inline filter kit.
  • Clean in place spray ball.
  • Drop in 600 micron filter with adjustable hook.  6"x14" basket size.  We find that those 300-400 micron filters just don't get the utilization needed to work effectively which is why we designed this 600 micron version.  Yes, we use pellets with it!  No, we don't care if some matter gets through the filter.  we just chill the wort, and dump the hop and protein trub before pitching the yeast.
  • Whirlpool arm. 
  • Rotating Racking arm kit.
  • Sparge arm kit.  Because of the extra large jacket on our fermenter, sparging is easy and just requires pumping the hot liquor from the jacket of the fermenter which heats along with the mash to mashout temperature bringing up your efficiency in line with a dedicated 3 vessel system.

More About the Controller Options:

There are two type of controller options available to you.  The ETC/SV240 option is two simple and reliable countertop controllers which pair together for temperature control.  The ETC is our 120V controller and needs to plug into a standard household outlet, and the SV240 allows you to control the 5500W element using 240V power.  The ETC controls the temperature and the SV240 has a simple knob on the front face to control the amplitude of power, much like a stereo volume knob.

Our touchscreen controller is UL certified, and wires directly into your panel.  It is a PID with a 4" touch screen control, with step mash programming and timing features built in.  It also has 3 temperature probe outlets for adding and controlling extra fermenters.  Each fermenter control has heat/cool options. 

More About The Single Pump Vs. Double Pump Kits:

We offer the Unibräu Pro in single and double pump versions.  The single pump version requires a higher stand for the mash tun, as the wort is gravity drained from the mash tun into the fermenter.  This means the mash tun must sit higher than the final volume of liquid in the fermenter.  If you will be adding castors to your fermenter, or if you are vertically challenged you may want to opt for the double pump kit.  The double pump kit adds two more lengths of 5' tubing, a second pump and the required hardware including the quick disconnects for efficient hose relocation.  With the double pump kit, you can place your mash tun to the height that is most comfortable to you.

Double pump kit is automatically included with these configurations:

  • 20G and 30G sizes when choosing the touch screen controller
  • 10G size includes our smaller BR-19 pump
  • 20G and 30G sizes includes our higher capacity BR-52 pump

 Brew Day Video: