HopBlock filter plate and Pickup Tube


Introducing the best hop filter/pickup tube you've set your eyes on, designed exclusively for our brew kettles and Unibräu brew system.    

Unlike the old school hop spider, or hop blocker, or hop stopper, our HopBlock filter plate actually does the job the right way, and never clogs.  You aren't limited by how many hops you want to add and it always can become unclogged due to the smooth surface of the SS304 and large diameter of the right sized holes. The perforated stainless is small enough to filter leaf and pellet hops yet large enough to have decent flow right through mashing, first wort hopping, boiling, whirl pooling and you'll get every last drop of hard earned wort into your fermenter without tipping the kettle thanks to our double sealed easy to install dip tube.  Comes with a removable one piece silicone seal, to minimize any hops that could slide underneath HopBlock.

Yes, it does it all, and if for some reason the flow slows down because of all those handfuls of hops you carelessly tossed into the kettle, all you need to do is use a flat spoon to lightly scrape the filter plate, to allow the flow to take off again.  Always serviceable and built for life.

The hop filter and pickup tube are sold together, but you can buy just the pickup tube if you wish here.


  • 10G size is 10" diameter designed for our 10 gallon kettle.
  • 20G and 30G size is 15.75" diameter - designed for our 20 gallon and 30 gallon kettles.

HopBlock filter in action vs. leaf and pellet hops: