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  • Bräu Supply HERMS Electric Brewery - Brewing Excellence

    Counterflow Wort Chiller

    Discover brewing excellence with our newest HERMS electric brewery, crafted with the legendary quality and attention to detail synonymous with Bräu Supply. HERMS systems stand out as one of the most sought-after brewing styles, featuring a heat exchanger in the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) for precise mash temperature control, eliminating the risk of wort or grain scorching.

    At Bräu Supply, we are dedicated to providing passionate homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts with top-notch brewing equipment that empowers them to create exceptional brews. Our HERMS Electric Brewery is no exception; it represents a perfect fusion of technology, innovation, and craftsmanship.

    Key Features:

    Our HERMS Electric Brewery is packed with features that make it a standout choice for brewers seeking precision and efficiency:

    1. Controller

    Experience the standard Touch Screen Control on our UL certified panel, offering straightforward programming and a simplified brewing experience. Intuitive menu screens, step mash control, and the ability to manage three fermenting vessels come standard with this advanced controller.

    2. Hot Liquor Tank

    Achieve unparalleled mash conversion efficiency with our engineered HLT design. The 50' heat exchange coil ensures rapid temperature elevation, reducing brew day waiting times. A low 3ºC differential from HLT to mash guarantees efficient temperature transfer.

    3. Mash Tun

    Say goodbye to stuck mashes with our re-imagined filter plate, providing unmatched flow and efficiency. The 30% open area ensures optimal performance. Standard features include a quick-connect sparge arm, a ball valve for micro flow adjustments, and a seamless transition from vorlauf to sparging.

    4. Boil Kettle

    Whirlpool your hops effortlessly with the included whirlpool arm and valve. The Hopblock filter plate and dip tube prevent clogs, ensuring a smooth brewing process.

    5. Accessories

    Enjoy two high-flow MP55 rated pumps, one-handed quick disconnects, priming tees, and butterfly valves for quality and design excellence. The counterflow coil in coil chiller is an optional upgrade.

    What's Included:

    Our HERMS Electric Brewery package is comprehensive, ensuring you have everything you need to get started on your brewing journey:

    Qty 2 6-port and 1 4-port kettle

    Tri-clamp connections

    30A 240V UL listed touch screen brew panel

    2 heating element controls (1 vessel at a time)

    2 pump outputs

    All power cords and connections

    Nema 14-30 outlet required for installation

    2 5500W tri-clamp ultra-low watt density heating elements with Nema quick disconnects

    50' 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID HERMS coil

    All valves, dip tubes, whirlpool arm, sparge arm, false bottom, boil kettle hop filter, and brewing accessories

    FDA approved food-grade silicone tubing and one-handed quick disconnects

    2 food-grade high-capacity brewing pumps with stainless steel pump heads (IP55 rated)

    Capacity/Brew Volumes:

    Our HERMS Electric Brewery offers versatility in batch sizes, allowing you to tailor your brews to your preferences:

    10-gallon system: 2.5 to 6-gallon batch size

    20-gallon system: 5 to 15-gallon batch size

    30-gallon system: 5 to 25-gallon batch size

    With this system, you can experiment with different recipes, from small experimental batches to larger productions for special occasions.

    Now, let's dive deeper into what makes the Bräu Supply HERMS Electric Brewery the ultimate choice for homebrewers:

    Precision Temperature Control

    The heart of our HERMS system is the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) with its integrated heat exchanger. This innovative design allows you to precisely control the temperature of your mash, ensuring optimal enzyme activity and conversion of starches to fermentable sugars. The 50' heat exchange coil heats up rapidly, reducing the time you spend waiting for your strike water to reach the desired temperature. Additionally, the low 3ºC differential between the HLT and mash guarantees efficient temperature transfer.

    No More Stuck Mashes

    We understand the frustration of dealing with stuck mashes. That's why we've re-imagined the filter plate in our Mash Tun. With a 30% open area and a quick-connect sparge arm, you'll experience consistent, uninterrupted flow during your brew day. The ball valve allows for precise micro flow adjustments, ensuring you have complete control over your sparge process. Transitioning from vorlauf to sparging is seamless, making your brewing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

    Effortless Whirlpooling

    The Boil Kettle in our HERMS Electric Brewery is equipped with a whirlpool arm and valve, making hop whirlpooling a breeze. No more worries about clogs, thanks to the Hopblock filter plate and dip tube. Achieve a perfect whirlpool every time, enhancing hop utilization and flavor extraction.

    Quality Accessories

    We believe that the details matter. That's why we've included high-flow MP55 rated pumps, one-handed quick disconnects, priming tees, and butterfly valves in our package. These components not only enhance the functionality of your brewery but also add to its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, for those looking to take their chilling game to the next level, the optional counterflow coil in coil chiller is available.

    Exceptional Brewing Experience

    At Bräu Supply, we are committed to providing not just brewing equipment but an exceptional brewing experience. Our HERMS Electric Brewery is designed to empower you to create the best possible beer, whether you're a seasoned homebrewer or just starting on your brewing journey.

    With precision temperature control, efficient lautering, and quality components, our system ensures that you have the tools to experiment, innovate, and produce beer that you can be proud of. Elevate your brewing game and explore new horizons with the Bräu Supply HERMS Electric Brewery.

    Order yours today and embark on a brewing adventure like never before!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      La qualité est au rendez-vous

      J'ai commandé le HERMS system pour une utilisation résidentielle.
      La qualité et l'abondance des composantes en valent largement la peine
      Le personnel répond rapidement à nos questions
      Je recommande sans hésitation