10G Bräu Brew Kettle And Grain Basket



Our kettles are better.  Made from 304 stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime.  This is the core piece to our Unibräu system and thanks to it's modular design can function as a single vessel brew system, or used as part of a 2 or 3 vessel brewery.  Designed to be used with electric immersion elements, gas cooktop, electric stovetop and even induction stovetop thanks to the thick kettle walls, and tri-clad bottom.  Sturdy, silicone covered handles help you transport heavy liquid with ease.  With 3 ports on the kettle, you can connect a vast selection of tri-clamp compatible fittings making this one versatile and very capable foundation piece of your brewery.

Grain Basket

When purchased with the grain basket and retention ring, you have the foundation of our Unibräu system.  The Unibräu grain basket is made from 304 stainless steel,   with sturdy silicone covered handles and is designed to accommodate up to a 20lb (9kg) grain bill.  It features a tri-clover compatible recirculation port, for easy wort circulation and even the connection of sparge arms.  Included is the 304 stainless steel retention ring, providing a platform for easy draining of grains into the kettle.  Silicone covered posts on the grain basket protect the walls of the brew kettle.

More Info

The kettle when purchased alone always ships with a lid.  When purchasing the kettle and grain basket together, you will receive the kettle, retention ring and a lid for the grain basket, with the option of purchasing an additional lid for the kettle.  Adding the kettle lid increases heating efficiency.