November 21, 2016 3 min read

Learn how to brew your own beer with an easy-to-use, all-in-one brewing system from Braü Supply. Today we’re going to review how to brew a Saison with the 45L Unibraü Pro System and the Brew-Boss electric brewery controller.

What you’ll need to start brewing your flavorful autumn Centennial Saison:


6 Pounds German Best Pilsen Malt

.5 Pounds Aromatic Malt (German)

4 Pounds Vienna Malt

2 Pounds Wheat Malt

.5 Pounds Toasted Wheat Flakes

1 Ounce Styrian Aurora Hops (boiled for 60 minutes)

1 Ounce Jarrylo Hops (boiled for 10 minutes)

1 Ounce El Dorado Hops (boiled for 5 minutes)

1 Package French Saison Wyeast Labs #3711

Points of Reference:

Strike Water Needed 31 L

Mash 152 Degrees for 75 Minutes

Mashout 168 Degrees for 10 minutes

Pre-boil Gravity 1.049

Post-boil Gravity 1.061

Post-boil Volume 251

Let’s Brew Some Saison!

To begin, you’ll close all of the ports on your Unibraü Pro System and fill it with fresh water. Then, you’ll connect all of your plumbing parts and insert the mash basket. Next, you’ll connect the pump and plug in the element. Once this part of your setup is complete, you’ll input your mash temperature into the Brew Boss electric brewery controller; follow the prompts. Once the electric brewery controller is set, the pumps will turn on the Unibraü Pro System to start circulating the water as it raises to reach the desired mash temperature. What’s next is very important. Once the mash temperature has been met, the pump pauses and waits for you to add the grains to the Unibraü Pro System. Once you’ve added the grains, take a moment to stir them in the water to avoid any clumping that may have formed.

Next, pressstart on your Brew Boss electric brewery controller. As the pump starts to circulate, adjust the flow using the ball valve attached to the outlet of the pump. The mashout step will then be performed automatically by your all-in-one brewing system, theUnibraü Pro System, to keep your Saison brew on point, giving you an effortless beer. When the mashout is complete, the pump will automatically shut off and wait for you to begin the next step: Hoist the mash basket out of the Unibraü Pro System and place it on the included mash rest.

For extra taste and efficiency, press the grains down; you may even mash sparge if you’d like. Once on your mash rest, pressstart on your Brew Boss controller to begin the boil. When the timer pauses, you’ll be queued to add your hop additions into the brew. Sanitize your pump and the coil by immersing it into the boil for the last 5 minutes, and recirculate the boil through the lid.

Get ready to chill your newly brewed masterpiece by attaching the water solenoid valves and the water connection to the drain. Let the pump run to speed up your chill time and to aerate the water. Next, you’ll return to your Brew Boss controller and turn on the fermentation controls. What happens next is the water solenoid opens and the water runs through the coil and into the drain until pitching temperature is reached. Once the temperature is reached, you’ll open the top port and pour the yeast into the brew. Once all of the yeast is inside of the all-in-one brewing system, the Unibraü Pro System, close and tighten the port. Important note: Don’t forget about about turning airlock!

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Brewing beer can be tricky but the 45L Unibraü Pro System helps you do it right and easy the first time around. With our product’s easy-to-maneuver body and even easier to use setup, you’ll be brewing beer like a pro in no time. Shop online with Braü Supply Today and contact us online if you have any questions or concerns about any all-in-one brewing systems available.

A little about choosing the perfect All-in-One Brewing System...

When you shop online with Braü Supply, you’ll learn there are many different vessels available to purchase. Choosing one may be hard, so it’s important to learn what style would be most convenient as an in-home setup as well as how much beer you’d like to brew. Learn more about oursingle vessel systems here.

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