February 06, 2017 3 min read

Is A BIAB Homebrew System Right For You?

Here at Brau Supply, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the pleasure that home brewing has to offer. Small-batch beer allows you, the brewer, to have more control over the flavor of the beer, allows you to experiment more with flavor combinations and ingredients, and allows you to take risks that would not be feasible with a large scale brewing operation. However, we also understand that not everyone is a master brewer. Learning how to home brew takes time, and in today’s post, we wanted to talk about one of our home brew systems that could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to get started on your homebrew journey.

Brew in a Bag Systems Offer Affordability and Ease of Use

Our all-in-one electric BIAB system, the Unibrau, allows the user to easily brew all grain beer recipes while still offering complete control over the entire home brewing process. Below, we have listed a few benefits that our all-in-one BIAB home brew system offers.

  • Simplicity: Probably the best feature about our all-in-one BIAB system is that it is simple to use. While you must still pay careful attention to the duration and temperature of the mash rest, additional steps such as lautering and sparging are pretty much skipped altogether. Because there is no sparging with a BIAB brew system, simply add as much water as is necessary to achieve your desired level of gravity, remove the grains, and boil as you normally would.
  • Compact Design: Although many home brewers would love to dedicate their entire garage to their home brew system, we all realize that this is rarely ever feasible. Our all-in-one BIAB home brew system easily sits on your stove or kitchen counter and requires only a single pot during the entire brewing process.
  • Easy Cleanup: Like all cooking processes, brewing requires a fair amount of cleanup after everything's said and done. However, with our BIAB system, cleanup is as easy as taking out the garbage. Not only is less equipment used during the brewing process, resulting in less scrubbing of metal pots, but when you are done with the brewing process, you can simply pull out the grain bag and dump it onto your compost heap. Additionally, when it’s time to clean the grain bag, just throw it in your washing machine.
  • Low Startup Cost: One of the biggest obstacles for many people in regard to homebrewing is the relatively high start-up cost. All these stainless steel pots, ingredients, electric controllers, and gauges can quickly add up, deterring many people from even considering making their own small batch beer. Our all-in-one BIAB brewing system eliminates the need for many of these components, as they are already built into the system. A one-time investment into our system will allow you to make high-quality small batch beer from the comfort of your home.
  • Endless Possibilities: Although this benefit is present in nearly all home brewing systems, our BIAB system allows you to experiment with beer as much or as little as you want. Have an idea for a new stout that you think would taste amazing? Throw it in our all-in-one brew system and see how it turns out. Even if it doesn’t turn out quite like you expect, our brew system allows you to experiment with beer in ways that, 15 years ago, would have cost you a lot of time, energy, and money.

  • When you are ready to begin your home brew journey, contact us today at Brau Supply. Our all-in-one home brewing systems are designed for those just starting their home brew process all the way to those who have been homebrewing for years. Don’t let your home brewing dreams waste away, visit our website today and get started.

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