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In January we brewed a hazy IPA and we wanted to share our recipe with all of you.  I think the most important things to consider when brewing a hazy IPA, is to increase your hopping rates and to use a liquid yeast that is low flocculating.

I had previously brewed a similar recipe to this at a brewery I worked at last year with the same yeast and hop varieties.

10 Gallon 3 Vessel Herms Recipe:

65% Pilsner Malt

20% Oat Malt

10% Flaked Oats

5% Carapils Malt

Whirlpool Hops: 3 oz El Dorado and 3oz Comet

Yeast: Whitelabs 518 Opshaug Kveik

First Cold Dry Hops: 5oz Comet and 5oz El Dorado

Second Cold Dry Hop: 3oz El Dorado

Keg Dry Hop Addition: Hopzoil Juice 1ml per 5 gallon keg

Fermented at 30 degrees Celsius for 4 days before cold crashing at our targeted final gravity of 1.016 or 4 Plato.

We named our IPA, Cloud Walker and it finished at 6.2% ABV


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Brau Supply
Brau Supply

February 25, 2021

John: feel free to email me at iain@brausupply.com and I can send you some details. I am a pro brewer, so I just scale down recipes, I tend to use malt complex recipes in general, but simplicity can still offer balance.

Adam: Hopzoil is a product from Glacier Hops in Colorado, which is a distillate of fresh hops. 1ml in a 19 litre corny keg is sufficient. https://glacierhopsranch.com/hopzoil/

John Pumphrey
John Pumphrey

February 25, 2021

This is a great idea to share house favourite recipes customised for Brau equipment. I would have loved to see the Unibrau recipe / process as well….

Thanks again for sharing!

Adam Clark
Adam Clark

February 25, 2021

Thanks so much for sharing. But what is Hopzoil? I’m always looking for ways to up my NEIPA game…

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