Unibräu Pro All In One Brewing System

The Unibräu Pro all in one electric brewery is your complete brewing machine.  The entire brewing process happens right in the conical fermenter making brewing easy, fun, and in a shorter brew day, meaning more time to enjoy your results!   The space saving design of the Unibräu Pro consists of a grain basket inserted into the conical fermenter to perform the mash step.  The recirculating mash is designed for greater wort clarity, and higher efficiencies.  When the mash step is complete, the grains and the grain basket are removed from the fermenter, and the boil commences.  Because the boil happens right inside the fermenter, sanitation occurs without using any chemical sanitizers. With the built in cooling system, you can chill the wort to pitching temperatures, and maintain perfect temperature the entire duration of the fermentation process.    

The Unibräu Pro brewing system gives you everything you need to brew all grain craft beer with great precision and the best, most repeatable results!

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What does my Unibräu Pro brewing system come with?

Unibräu Pro Specifications:

Video: Managing fermentation temperatures using the Temperature Control Kit and ETC controller

Assembling the Temperature Control Kit



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Assembly Video:

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