Unibräu All In One Electric Brew System

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The Unibräu electric all-in-one brewing system makes craft beer. It gives beginners and experienced all grain brewers controlled, repeatable results for brewing any beer style.  Brewing with the Unibräu is the simplest, fastest way to get up to 6 gallons of fresh craft beer into your fermenter.  It is offered in 2 sizes and is made from the highest quality 304 stainless steel. with commercial grade brewery fittings.  Using commercial grade brewery fittings, it can be set up and disassembled in minutes, making it easy to clean. 

We are waiting for our newest V3 design to arrive, early August 2017 and have sold out of the Unibräu systems except for the mini with cosmetic defects on the kettles.  The defects are in the etching of the volume markings.
Below shows the volume markings.  Keep in mind that they are not all exactly the same, but all have some sort of flaw with the etching.  Fading, smudging, and tilting.


Electricity and Power Requirements:

The Unibräu design accommodates 240V or 120V  power supply for maximum convenience and less modifications.  
The mini (6G/24L) size uses a single 1600W brewing element and should be plugged into a GFCI 15A circuit.  This is a standard household kitchen circuit.
Unibräu (12G/45L) uses 2 1600W elements and should be plugged into separate GFCI circuits.  Most kitchens in North America offer at least 2 seperately fused circuits in a kitchen within reasonable distance of each other.  The controller only controls one of the elements, and the second is used as a "booster" which is manually plugged in to get you to mash temperature quicker.  You can also use it to get to boil temperature faster too.  The controller does not need the second element when mashing, as a single 1600W element is sufficient to maintain mash temperature.  Depending on batch size, and desired boil off rate, a brewer can use the single element, or both at the same time when boiling.  Our recommendation is to dial back the output on the controller to get the desired boil off.
We also offer the Unibräu with a 5500W element for those who have access to a 240 volt 30A circuit.  This design will give you the most power, and you will be amazed at how fast you get to your set temperature and to a boil.  We outfit this system with a 10' (3M) 14-30P 4 wire dryer plug and it can plug into either a dryer circuit, or can be adapted to plug into a 40A stove plug.  It's possible to plug it into the old style (10/30P) of dryer plugs too, but you'll have to clip the head and install it yourself.  Of course, we recommend installing a GFCI and using an electrician to do this.  It is possible to purchase inline GFCI's for a 240V 30A circuit, but it's often much more expensive than purchasing a new 30A breaker with GFCI built in to it.  Of course, you'll have to install the breaker into your panel, or hire an electrician to do it for you.
Included in all of our systems is our new element design which features a quick disconnect to easily remove the power cord.  If you've seen other electric brew systems with the power cord hanging off the bottom, you will appreciate ours as you can remove the cord, and pull the element out for easy cleaning.

Batch Size and Grain Basket:

Unibräu Mini (24L/6G size) - 1G-3G batch size capable brew system.  We've left enough space to brew even the highest gravity beers and barley wines without you wanting for more.  We often get asked about the maximum grain bill and we'll just say that we haven't found a recipe that called for more grain than the basket can handle.

Unibräu (45L/12G size) - 2G-6G batch size capable brew system.  Just like the mini, there's enough space to brew the highest gravity beer you can think of, without wanting more.  We still haven't come across a 5G recipe that needs more grain than the grain basket can hold.  If for some strange reason you are brewing the worlds highest gravity beer and you are tight on space, you can always hold back a litre or two and add it as a sparge step.

The 304 stainless steel grain basket is perforated throughout with 300 micron mesh for maximum flow and filtration, increasing mash efficiency.  When mashing is complete, you simply lift the grain basket out of the wort and place on the included grain rest.  This allows the grain basket to drain while preparing the boil.  Should you want to (we never do), you can always batch sparge over top for higher sugar conversion.  

Heat and Power Control:

Unibräu ships with our easy to use EZboil controllers.  The EZboil is an advanced controller, with built in mash timer and boil detection features, to prevent messy and dangerous boil overs.  Our EZboil controller is safe and easy to use with an integrated pump outlet and switch.


Our high quality pump has been fitted to circulate the wort over the grain bed while mashing for maximum efficiency.  We tested this magnetic drive pump thoroughly and like the pressure and flow that it creates for continuous recirculation during the mash stage.  It can also be used to push the wort through the optional plate chiller during the cooling stage for efficient cooling of the wort.  Plus, you can use it during the cleaning phase to get ready for your next brew!   The pump is offered with a polysulphone head and 12L/min flow rate, or choose our 19L/min pump with stainless steel head.

Counterflow Plate Chiller assembly:

The plate chiller assembly is the most efficient way of chilling your wort without exception!  It has two connection sides: One side is connected to the Unibräu, and the other side connects to your cold water source.  The hot wort is pumped through the plates, while the cold water pumps through alternating plates, providing instant cooling and heat exchange.  The cold water source can be tap water, or water chilled in an ice bath pumped though the chiller.  We include enough hose and all the fittings to make your tap connections to most faucets.  In saying "most" we mean not all.  Some of you have those fancy European faucets and you may need to make a stop at your local hardware store to adapt your faucet to our chiller. The inside diameter of the tubing we use for the chiller is 1/2", and the faucet adapter we include with the kit is a garden hose adapter.

We ship the mini (24L/6G) system with our 15 plate chiller, and the Unibräu (45L/12G) system with our 30 plate chiller.


 Features and benefits video:


Assembly video:

"Your first brew day" here.

Basic kettle assembly is required.  Tools needed are as follows:

  •  a tubing cutter or scissors
  • 2 adjustable plumbing wrenches
  • teflon tape


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