ETC Dual Stage Electric Brewing Controller



The ETC dual stage controller is designed to be the easiest, simplest way to regulate the temperature of your mash.  No algorithm to conquer, no wifi connectivity to fail.  Simple, reliable and precise temperature control, period. This controller is perfect for any 120V element up to 1650W or 240V element up to 2500W.

Our controller measures temperature to within 0.1º F and can control our 120V element, or connect it to our SV240 to regulate power to a 240V 5500W element. It has a cooling output and can regulate temperature by opening and closing the temperature control valve on our unibräu pro system fermenter, or turn a cooling pump on and off to control the flow of chilled water/coolant into your fermenter.  The controller automatically switches between heat and cool with adjustable differential settings to maintain tight control.

Sensing duties come from a 304 stainless steel sensor with a 1.5” tri-clover mount.  Teflon coated stainless braided cable with quick disconnects for convenience are standard.  Probe length is 3".

The ETC also features a boil alert function, and programmable over temperature and under temperature alerts.  A 'boil' mode and 'mash' mode, enables the user to directly bring the wort to a boil without changing any temperature settings and it includes a pump control outlet and switch.  


Video: Managing fermentation temperatures using the Temperature Control Kit and ETC controller



Voltage: Choose between 120V 15A or 240V 10A

Temperature Measurement Range: -30º-212ºF.

Resolution: 0.1ºF(≤199.9ºF), 1ºF(<200ºF)

Accuracy: +/- 1ºF

Input Power: 110-120VAC 50/60HZ 15A

Sensor type: NTC

Ambient requirements: temperature 10-60ºC, humidity 20-85% (no condensate)

Capacity: heating output max 1650W

                cooling output max 550W

Warranty: 1 year



 Click here for a user manual


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