Plate Chiller Kit

$90.00 USD

Product Description

This kit comes with your choice of plate chiller, all the hardware you need to chill your wort fast and easy, and it integrates with our Unibräu and Unibräu mini.  By offering another 12" length of silicone tubing with female disconnects at both ends, you can directly pump your wort from the Unibräu, through the plate chiller and straight into your fermenter while aerating it at the same time.  Comes in 3 plate chiller sizes, and we offer the kit 2 ways.  

1.  Wort side connections only.

2.  Wort and water connections, including a faucet adapter and a garden hose to 1/2" hose barb adapter included.  All you need to buy is some braided hose and a couple hose clamps to withstand your city water pressure for the water side.