Bräu EZboil 30A 240V controller


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Our Bräu EZboil electric brewery controller is packed with features to make your brew day run on time and with perfect temperature control. 

It is the perfect solution for a BIAB (Brew in a Bag) or single vessel brewery.  Of course, you can also use the EZboil controller with a traditional 3 vessel brewing setup.

The Bräu EZboil easily connects to existing 30A household circuits using the included 14-30 plug, which is commonly used on most household dryers.  

For international customers we ship the controller without a plug which customers can add according to local requirements.   This is a 3 wire configuration and can also be outfitted with an L6-30P outlet.

Add our compatible brewing element .  Element power cord with a Nema L6-30 receptacle is included.

    The EZ-Boil from Auber Instruments is our new favourite temperature regulating device.  It is so simple to use, you can start brewing in minutes.  A single knob on the front face helps you to dial in your mash temperature and set your mash timer.  It comes with a built in alarm to let you know when mash is done, and it can be programmed to easily prevent an overshoot in your mash temperature.  Easily switch between Mash and Boil mode.  In Boil mode, the controller smoothly controls the boil, (unlike a PID) and can easily be set to alarm you before a boil over happens, plus it automatically dials down the power output at a pre-set temperature before a messy boil over ruins your brew day.  While we love the precision that a PID offers, we found that the challenges of perfecting temperatures, and the learning curve of a PID wasn't for everyone.  This controller takes all your frustrations away, and maintains within 1 degree of precision which is plenty precise to perfect your brew.

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    We supply the controller with a 1.5" tri-clamp 304 stainless steel RTD PT-100 sensor.  It comes with a braided stainless PTFE coated 6' cable with quick disconnects at the panel and at the probe and a 55mm long sensor tip length.

    For your safety around liquids we strongly recommend plugging this device into a GFCI protected circuit only! 

    User Manual:

    Download the Auber EZBoil Quick Start guide here.

    Download the Auber EZboil manual here.



    1 year for the controller and 90 days for the sensor.