Stainless Steel Plate Chiller

$54.95 USD

Product Description

Our custom-made plate chillers use 304 stainless steel and 99.99% copper brazing. Nothing but the best. And for our money, this is the fastest way to chill wort. With 60º water, our 15-plate chiller can cool 4 gallons to pitching temperature in under 5 minutes. The 30-plate chiller achieves this in around 3 minutes.  We now offer a large 20 plate chiller which is our most efficient, achieving the same chill times with 10 gallons of wort.  

Simply backflush and sanitize right after use for trouble-free, un-contaminated, and happy brewing.

3 sizes of plate chillers are available. The  15-plate chiller measures 3" x 8" x 1.3" and our 30-plate chiller is  3" x 8" x 2.6".  Our large 20 plate chiller measures 12.4"x3"x1.75".


1/2" NPT for the wort side

3/4" NPT for the water side

We stock adaptors for the plate chillers in our accessories section and our personal choice is to use our stainless quick disconnects for ease of use and clean up.