HERMS 30 Gallon Brew System

Counterflow Wort Chiller


  • Includes our new 30G brew kettles
  • 5 - 25 gallon batch size
  • Tri-clamp connections
  • qty 3 30 gallon brew kettles
  • 30A 240V UL listed touch screen brew panel 
    • 2 heating element controls (1 vessel at a time)
    • 2 pump output
    • All power cord and connections included
    • Nema 14-30 outlet required for installlation
  • 2 5500W tri-clamp ultra low watt density heating elements with Nema quick disconnects
  • 50' 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID herms coil
  • All valves, dip tubes, whirlpool arm, sparge arm, false bottom, boil kettle hop filter and brewing accessories included 
  • FDA approved food grade silicone tubing and one handed quick disconnects included
  • 2 food grade high capacity brewing pumps with stainless steel pump head included.  IP55 rated.

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