Bräu SV120 - 120V Electric Brewery Controller

$349.00 USD

Product Description

 Our controller features heavy duty rotary style switches and comes standard with a pump switch and receptacle.  It is perfect for any 120V element up to 1800W.  The controller is internally fused to protect the electronics and your pump.  We also added a beefy heatsink at the back of the controller to dissipate the heat load effectively and we wrapped it all in a hot looking extruded aluminum case.  A twist lock receptacle is standard with the option of adding a mating 3' power cord for your brew element.

Now, you have ultimate control over your mash temperature.  With a PID controller you can keep ultra precise temperatures and their predictive nature keeps the temperature within 1/10th of a degree.  This controller features an alarm and timer function, and can be set to knock out power, or keep the power to the element on when the alarm activates.  We love using these for their "set it and forget it" flexibility.  Can be programmed to notify the user when dough in temperature is reached, and also times your mash and notifies you when to pull out your grains.  No more babysitting your brew!  Comes with our custom made 304 stainless steel RTD PT 100 Class A sensor with your choice of mounting options.  Disconnects at both ends of the sensor simplify your clean up, as you don't have to worry about any wires.  Sensor tip length is 1.5".    The Bräu Controller is also able to be used for other applications such as cooling applications which make it handy as a fermenting controller, either by controlling a compressor or it can be used as a switching device.



The Unibräu controller comes with a built in brew timer with a visual and audio alarm, which can be programmed to start the countdown of your mash only when the mash-in temperature has been reached.  We use this feature to warn us when mash temperature has been reached by setting the alarm to 1 minute.  When temperature is reached, the timer counts down from 1 minute, the alarm sounds, and we pause our re-run of "breaking bad" to dough in.  Reset the alarm to our mash time, Dough in, and the Unibräu Controller lets us know when the time is up.

While we can't call this "automatic" control over our beer brewing process, we certainly find that the days of babysitting our mash are over.  

Reset the timer and temperature for easy step mashes, the alarm sounds at the end of each cycle.

Boiling the Wort:

Switch the controller into manual mode to control the power output of the element.  This is perfect for the boil cycle of your brew.  Get to boil temperature by setting the output to 100.  Once the boil has started, you can lower the output to match how vigorous of a boil you desire.  

Included is our very own water tight 316 stainless steel Class A RTD PT-100 sensor.  Our sensor comes with a silicone coated 6' cable with quick disconnects at the panel and at the probe.  We like the durability, and the temperature resisting ability of silicone versus the braided steel coated cables other manufacturer's provide.  The sensor probe tip is 1.5" with a 1/2" MPT thread.  

User Manual:

Download the quick start guide here.

Download the Auber SWA-2451 manual here.


1 year for the controller and 90 days for the sensor


Auto-tune the Bräu Mini Controller:



 Program the Bräu Mini Controller:


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