20G Unibräu All In One Electric Brew System

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The Unibräu is your all in one brewing system which makes any type of craft beer from grain.  It is modular in its design and starts with our amazing brew kettle and removable grain basket.  It is built from stainless steel and only the highest quality components, has a 20 Gallon (75L) capacity and can brew up to 15 Gallons (56L) of beer in a single session.  Commercial brewery grade disconnects are featured throughout the system for easy assembly, cleaning, and integration with your existing brewery.

System Features:

304SS brew system which includes our 20G kettle and grain basket with all the brewing hardware included.  FDA approved silicone tubing, BR-19 pump, 240V EZboil controller, and our 5500W element.  Our super efficient plate chiller is included with the necessary connections to adapt it to your household faucet.

Everything you'll need to brew a batch of beer is included.  

Power Requirements:  

A 30A power outlet is required with a GFCI breaker installed.  We supply our system standard with a 4 wire 14-30 plug which plugs into a standard 4 wire dryer plug.  However we can accommodate you with 3 wire installations, including L6-30.  Just leave a note for us and we'll take care of your custom needs.


The Unibräu comes with a full 12-month warranty, and we believe it'll last you a lifetime. The included brewing elements are warrantied for 90 days.


Unibräu manual
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ETC Controller manual


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