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20G Unibräu Kettle And Grain Basket


Grain Basket for 20 gallon Bräu Kettle

Our grain basket is the foundation of our Unibräu system.  Made from 304 stainless steel,   with sturdy silicone covered handles and is designed to accommodate.  It features a tri-clover compatible recirculation port, for easy wort circulation and even the connection of sparge arms.  Overflow protection is built into the grain basket with the horizontal perforations under the lifting lugs.

While it can be used with other kettles of similar dimensions, it's designed to be used with our 20 gallon Bräu kettle.

Grain Basket Features:

  • 5-15 gallon batch size
  • 1 sanitary welded Tri-Clamp port for recirculation/sparging
  • 1.2mm thick stainless walls
  • Overflow protection thanks to upper perforations in the grain basket
  • Perforated bottom for ultimate filtration of your grain bed
  • 40cm (15.75") wide x 50cm (19.7") high, distance of the resting height (bottom of lifting lug) to the bottom of the basket is 41cm (16.25")
  • brushed finish 
  • Silicone covered handles for manual lifting
  • 4 heavy duty lifting lugs for attachment to a hoist
  • 62 liter (16 gallon) capacity for the highest gravity beers


20 gallon Unibräu unboxing:

Unibräu vs Grainfather:

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