Unitank Pro Brewing System Contents

Unitank Pro brewing system is comprised of a temperature controlled jacketed conical fermenter and a removable grain basket.  The conical fermenter is designed to withstand internal pressure of 15 PSI.  To achieve this, it's constructed of  2.5 mm thick 304 stainless, finished to a mirror polish.  The wort is cooled using this jacketed fermenter.  Because of the thick stainless construction, it efficiently cools the wort, using little water to bring to pitching temperature.

Controller Choice:

The drop down menu offers three controller choices with the Unibräu Pro systems. and the ETC-120V is only available with Unitank Pro 6G. 


  • ETC-120V Temperature Controller -  This dual stage temperature controller was designed with simplicity in mind. It  accurately and safely regulates mash temperature, and with the cooling outlet the ETC manages fermentation temperature control as well.  Fermentation is controlled via the solenoid valve kit, or it can switch on a pump to allow chilled water through the integrated cooling coil.  This controller can power a single 1600W 120V element. 


  • This choice uses the ETC-120V controller in conjunction with the SV-240 controller.  The SV-240 simply and safely regulates the power for the system, allowing you to use our custom designed 4000W or 5500W element.  It's a good choice for faster boil times, and larger batch size.  It is a very flexible option for managing the power output using the built in potentiometer knob on the front face, helping you to "dial" in the power output for precise mash temperature control, and to regulate the boil.  The ETC-120V plugs into the SV-240 when brewing, and conveniently disconnects so you can use the ETC controller on it's own when fermenting, enabling you to ferment anywhere where 120V power is available.  If. your fermentation room has large temperature swings, you can leave both controllers connected, and manage heating via the brewing element (dialled to 10% of maximum output so as not to kill the yeast), and cooling with a tightly managed differential

    System Contents

    In addition to the controller options above the following is included with the base package:

    • Brewing element and power cord - Our brewing elements are custom made for us in 1600W if choosing the ETC-120V option, or 240V 4000W and 5500W if choosing the other options.  The included 6' power cords fully disconnect from our brewing elements.
    • BR-19 stainless pump and silicone hose.  Our pumps were chosen for their longevity and durability, and the pump system easily disconnect from the fermenter and grain basket with the included tri-clover compatible fittings.
    • Solenoid valve kit - The 120V solenoid valve allows the incoming flow of cold water to regulate the fermentation temperature of the Unibräu Pro by allowing cold/warm water to run through the coil heat exchanger.  It comes with a garden hose inlet, and we recommend the purchase of a washing machine braided hose which can handle city water pressure.  A tri-clover 1/2" barb fitting is supplied for the outlet of the water, and we recommend purchasing the appropriate length of kink free braided 1/2 ID tubing to avoid the build up of pressure
    • Upgraded Sanitary Valve Kit - Our sanitary valves are a great choice as they disassemble in seconds for easy clean up and sanitization.  Two valves are 1/2" ID and the trub dump valve is 1-3/8" ID for even the most flocculent yeast strains.  In addition to the valves, all threaded fittings on the base system are replaced with tri-clover compatible fittings for easy disconnection and clean up.
    • Beer transfer kit - For easy pressurized transfers from your fermenter to ball lock kegs.  
    • Aeration kit - Can be used with an air pump or easily adapts to an oxygen cylinder for aeration of your wort prior to pitching yeast.
    • CIP cleaning assembly - The clean in place spray ball automatically rotates while attached to the underside of the lid, for easy cleaning of the Unibräu Pro.  Simply attach with the tri-clover fittings, and recirculate hot water and your favourite wash.  Come back in an hour, and the hard work is done.