Unibräu Pro 45L 120V Brew System

$2,459.00 USD

Product Description

What's Included:

Everything that you need to brew with this system is included:

  • 1.5mm thick 304 stainless steel fermentor and mash basket polished to a mirror finish and an integrated cooling coil that disconnects from the lid using sanitary fittings.
  • Your Choice of Electric Brewery Controller 
  • Chugger pump with stainless head
  • Qty 2 1600W 304 stainless steel water heating elements with quick disconnect at the element  base
  •  ultra clear 1/2" silicone tubing 
  • 3 Upgraded sanitary ball valves standard with full bore trub dump  
  • stainless measurement ruler
  • 120V electric water solenoid for ultimate fermentation control
  • 3 heavy duty non marking 3" rubber wheeled locking castors
  • Sanitary 1.5" tri-clover fittings throughout.
  • Qty 1 sanitary fitting to 0.5" FPT 
  • Qty 1 sanitary fitting to 0.75" FPT 
  • Qty 3 sanitary fitting to 0.5" hose barb
  • Qty 4 sanitary fitting to 0.5" 90º hose barb
  • Qty 1 sanitary fitting to 0.5" MPT
  • Qty 15 sanitary clamps
  • Qty 15 sanitary silicone gaskets

Specifications for 45L system:

  • 12L-23L (3-6G) batch size capable, ultra high gravity brews as high as 1.10 SG
  • 45L (11.89 US gal) usable volume
  • 47L (12.42 US gal) spillover volume
  • 29.5L (7.8 US gal) mash basket volume
  • 13.3L (3.51 US gal) cone volume
  • 8L (2.11 US gal) full element submersion 
  • 17.7 kg (39lb) mash basket grain capacity


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