Keg Transfer Kit

Easily transfer your beer from your fermenter or Unibräu Pro into your ball lock keg.  The keg post attaches to the Tri Clover compatible ferrule on the top of the fermenter, and the hose assembly attaches to the racking port on the fermenter and the "Out" post on your keg.  Now you can transfer your beer directly into your CO2 purged keg, filling it from the bottom up which minimizes oxidation and avoids agitation.  

The keg post features a pressure gauge which helps you to accurately monitor the incoming CO2 pressure and should not exceed 3 PSI.  The racking assembly comes with 3' of 1/4" liquid tubing, a 1/4" Tri-clamp hose barb, a ball lock liquid connector and a ball lock gas connector to be used as a vent when filling your keg.

Transferring beer has never been easier.

Assembly required