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Whirlpool Arm Kit

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If big hoppy and hazy beers are your thing, we've got you covered.  Our whirlpool arm kits are designed for our kettles and come in 2 different configurations.  Both will do the same job which is to circulate the wort around your post boil hops.

Single Element Kit:

We offer the single element whirlpool arm kit if you have a 4 port kettle with a brewing element inside.  This moves the sensor out of one of the lower ports and places it in a tee on the outflow of the kettle.

Double Element Kit:

The double element kit is for those 120V brewers who have placed two elements inside their 4 port kettle.  This moves the whirlpool arm to the upper port in the kettle.  If you have a 6 port kettle with two elements, choose the single element kit as you can use one of the additional two ports.