Bräu Supply HERMS Electric Brewery

Add a Wort Chiller


Our turnkey HERMS (heat exchanging recirculating mash system) electric brewery is made of the highest quality components, offering you a lifetime of pleasure.  Our vessels are handmade out of 1.5mm thick stainless steel and feature Tri-clamp fittings throughout for easy integration with your commercial brewery making disassembly and cleaning a breeze.  We pay attention to all the details, from the hand finished brass badging on our kettle, the meticulously polished ferrule attachments, to the mirror like finish on our kettles.  


The 3 vessel controller is modelled after Kal's famous electric brewery controller, yet has some significant changes.  We love the ease of use of the EZboil controllers from Auber Instruments, and use them to monitor and control the 3 vessels.  With timing features built in, and a separate boil and hop addition timer, this controller is easy to set up, and use without complex PID tuning, and without the programming hassle.  We offer it in 2 configurations for your brewery 30A for our 20G kettles, and 50A for the 1BBL system.


Included is our quick disconnecting 5500W brewing elements, and FDA approved silicone tubing.  We also include 5 of our quick disassembly ball valves, 2 of our 120V BR-19 pumps, and all necessary hardware for a successful brew day.

Finally, we you can choose to include our efficient plate chiller, or a copper coil-in-coil counterflow chiller, both with included Tri-clamp fittings so you spend more time brewing, and less cleaning.

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