HERMS Electric Brew System

Counterflow Wort Chiller

Our newest version HERMS electric brewery features our legendary quality and attention to detail you've come to expect from Bräu Supply.

HERMS systems are one of the most popular style of brewing systems available, as the design features a heat exchanger which is placed in the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) giving you precise control of your mash temperature and eliminating the possibility of scorching your wort or grains.  


Touch Screen Control is standard on the UL certified control panel, making programming and simplifying the brewing experience.  Straightforward and intuitive menu screens, step mash control and the ability to control 3 fermenting vessels is standard with this advanced controller.

Hot Liquor Tank 

Our systems are engineered to give you amazing mash conversion efficiency, starting with the HLT design.  Our heat exchange coil is 50' long, ensuring that the mash temperature rises along with the HLT speeding up your brew day as you won't be waiting for your strike temperature to follow the HLT temperature.  a low 3ºC differential from the HLT to the mash proves this point.

Mash Tun

Our Mash tun features our engineered and re-imagined mash tun filter plate, which gives unparalleled flow even over a wedge wire screen mash filter.  An incredible 30% open area leaves us unrivalled when it comes to flow and efficiency.  Say goodby to stuck mashes.  Plus, our systems come standard with a sparge arm which attaches via quick connect, making the transition from vorlauf to sparging a breeze.  Plus, we've added in a ball valve for micro flow adjustments to get that extra bit of efficiency out of the mash. 

Boil Kettle

We know how much you like to whirlpool your hops, and we've included a whirlpool arm and valve to facilitate this.  Plus, our Hopblock filter plate and dip tube are a standard feature on the boil kettle, keeping the hops out of the fermenter and making a clogged pump a thing of the past.


Two high flow MP55 rated pumps are standard, and one handed quick disconnects and priming tee's and butterfly round out the quality and design.  

Counterflow coil in coil chiller is an option.

Available in 10 gallon, 20 gallon and 30 gallon sizes.

 What's included?

  • qty 2 6 port and 1 4 port kettle
  • Tri-clamp connections
  • 30A 240V UL listed touch screen brew panel 
    • 2 heating element controls (1 vessel at a time)
    • 2 pump output
    • All power cord and connections included
    • Nema 14-30 outlet required for installlation
  • 2 5500W tri-clamp ultra low watt density heating elements with Nema quick disconnects
  • 50' 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID herms coil
  • All valves, dip tubes, whirlpool arm, sparge arm, false bottom, boil kettle hop filter and brewing accessories included 
  • FDA approved food grade silicone tubing and one handed quick disconnects included
  • 2 food grade high capacity brewing pumps with stainless steel pump head included.  IP55 rated.

Capacity/Brew Volumes

  • 10 gallon system - 2.5 gallon to 6 gallon batch size
  • 20 gallon system - 5 gallon to 15 gallon batch size
  • 30 gallon system - 5 gallon to 25 gallon batch size