Brew Kettle


Our kettles are thicker, more durable and come standard with more connection points than our competition making them the best brew kettle on the market.

Bräu brew kettles with Tri-Clamp connections are the most versatile kettle right off the shelf, no customizations or extra charges needed, it just does everything you need it to do. It is the core piece to our Unibräu system and thanks to it's modular design can function as a single vessel brew system, or used as part of a 2 or 3 vessel brewery.  Designed to be used with electric immersion elements, gas cooktop, electric stovetop and even induction stovetops.  With 4 or 6 ports on the kettle, you can connect a vast selection of tri-clamp compatible fittings making this one versatile and very capable foundation piece of your brewery. 


Our kettles will last a lifetime, and are designed with a tri-clad induction capable base, and thick bodies with professional grade Tri-clamp compatible fittings. Sturdy, silicone covered handles help you transport heavy liquid with ease. You simply won't find anything better to suit your brewing needs.  From our beautifully finished sanitary welds to the polished exteriors and laser etched internal markings, our brew kettles are second to none.


Our kettles are designed for a variety of applications.  One kettle does it all!  We were the first to the market with our world famous Unibräu design, which has been often imitated but never replicated, and our design makes adding a range of accessories, and creating 3 vessel brew systems simple.  Never replace your kettle, simply accessorize it!

Available Accessories:

All Sizes Kettle Specs:

  • 4 or 6 sanitary welded 1.5" Tri-Clamp ports for maximum customization
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 5mm Tri-clad base (induction capable)
  • Internal volume markings
  • High polish finish
  • Compatible with our vast range of accessories
  • Lid is included 

10G Specs:

  • 1.2mm thick walls
  • 35cm (13.8") wide x 40.5cm (16") high

20G Specs:

  • 1.2mm thick walls
  • 45cm (17.7") wide x 50cm (19.7") high

30G Specs:

  • 1.5mm thick walls (do we need to brag that ours is the thickest?)
  • 50cm (19.7") wide x 60cm (23.6") high