Unibräu - 120V EZboil BIAB Electric Brew System

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Product Description

At Bräu Supply we are committed to bringing the best quality products to you, our customers.  We spent a lot of time researching and developing the new Unibräu system, and we're very excited to present it to you.  One of the features we were introducing was internal kettle markings.  When we opened up the boxes to have a peek, we were blown away by the quality of the kettles, and the sanitary ports.  We are sad to say though, that the internal markings aren't up to our standards.  On all of these systems in this size, we can't say any are perfect.  There are minor imperfections such as faded etching, smudging and some ghosting.  We'll upload a few pics for you to see what we're talking about.  We figure that this can be ok for the majority of you, especially since we're discounting these by $70.  Look for the discount at checkout.  For those who demand perfection (It's ok, we understand), were expecting the next round to be here in around 10 weeks.



Unibräu design accommodates 120V  power supply for maximum convenience and less modifications.  Unibräu uses 2 1600W elements plugged into separate circuits.  Our new element design features a quick disconnect to easily remove the power cord. 

Heat and Power Control:

Unibräu ships with our easy to use EZboil controllers.  The EZboil is an advanced controller, with built in mash timer and boil detection features, to prevent messy and dangerous boil overs.  Our EZboil controller is safe and easy to use with an integrated pump outlet and switch.

Power Requirement:

The Unibräu Mini requires a standard 15A Nema 5-15 (preferably GFCI) outlet.  This is what is found in most kitchens in North America.

The Unibräu 120V requires two standard 15A Nema 5-15 (preferably GFCI) outlets separately fused.  In a typical North American kitchen, you will find 2 outlets separately fused at a close distance to each other.  One element will plug directly into the wall, and will be used as a "booster", to reach desired temperature quickly. The 2nd element uses the EZboil temperature controller to regulate the temperature while mashing and boiling the wort.


Our newest high quality pump has been fitted to circulate the wort over the grain bed while mashing for maximum efficiency.  We tested this magnetic drive pump thoroughly and like the pressure and flow that it creates for continuous recirculation during the mash stage.  It can also be used to push the wort through the optional plate chiller during the cooling stage for efficient cooling of the wort.  Plus, you can use it during the cleaning phase to get ready for your next brew!   The pump is offered with a polysulphone head and 12L/min flow rate, or choose our 19L/min pump with stainless steel head.

Grain Basket:

The 304 stainless steel grain basket is perforated throughout with 300 micron mesh for maximum flow and filtration, increasing mash efficiency.  When mashing is complete, you simply lift the grain basket out of the wort and place on the included grain rest.  This allows the grain basket to drain while preparing the boil, and allows you to batch sparge over top for higher sugar conversion. 

Counterflow Plate Chiller assembly:

The plate chiller assembly is the most efficient way of chilling your wort without exception!  It has two connection sides: One side is connected to the Unibräu, and the other side connects to your cold water source.  The hot wort is pumped through the plates, while the cold water pumps through alternating plates, providing instant cooling and heat exchange.  The cold water source can be tap water, or water chilled in an ice bath pumped though the chiller.



Assembly video:

"Your first brew day" here.

Basic kettle assembly is required.  Tools needed are as follows:

  •  a tubing cutter or scissors
  • 2 large adjustable plumbing wrenches


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