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Reasons a Home Brew Will Always Be Worth It

Have you had a bad beer past? Start anew and brew your own supply. Here are a few reasons why it’ll always be worth it. Hello everyone, and welcome back the Bräu Supply blog. Our home beer brewing equipment and accessories company celebrates all that is great with craft beer. From pilsners, to IPAs, to ciders, we love it all! However, we have a sweet spot for beers brewed from our very own homes, crafted with thought and personalized ingredients; and we know that you do, too. Today, we’re going to chat about some of the reasons that a home brew will always be worth it. Before you take your next trip to your local watering hole, consider some of...

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How to Grow Your Own Hops

Many homebrewers are not lucky enough to live close to a homebrew supply store, and therefore, have to rely on the internet for all their ingredients. This can mean that they can end up wasting their time and money when their malts, hops, or yeast are not fresh enough for brewing. To address this predicament, many homebrewers have started growing their own hops! Regardless of whether you live in sunny Florida, dry Colorado, or the muggy Midwest, hops can be grown in any moderate climate if you care for it properly. Finding the Materials It is quite easy to start growing your own hops if you know what you are looking for. First, you need to locate some rhizomes. Rhizomes...

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Perfect Fermentation Temperature Control With Multiple Fermenters At Varying Temperatures

How to economically manage multiple fermentation temperatures in the same room.   I’ve been asked many times in the past how to control the temperature of your all in one brewing system fermenter when the tap water exceeds the desired fermentation temperature.  I’ve seen lots of expensive equipment implemented, and I thought that there has to be a better way.  The most common are fermentation fridges, and brewers would either lug a carboy into a deep freezer set to a thermostat or buy a fermenter small enough to fit into a refrigerator.  Both of these methods work, but let’s be honest, they're a pain in the ass.  What if you want to ferment a lager and a porter at the...

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