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Your Guide To Brewing The Best Saison Beer

Learn how to brew your own beer with an easy-to-use, all-in-one brewing system from Braü Supply. Today we’re going to review how to brew a Saison with the 45L Unibraü Pro System and the Brew-Boss electric brewery controller. What you’ll need to start brewing your flavorful autumn Centennial Saison: Ingredients: 6 Pounds German Best Pilsen Malt .5 Pounds Aromatic Malt (German) 4 Pounds Vienna Malt 2 Pounds Wheat Malt .5 Pounds Toasted Wheat Flakes 1 Ounce Styrian Aurora Hops (boiled for 60 minutes) 1 Ounce Jarrylo Hops (boiled for 10 minutes) 1 Ounce El Dorado Hops (boiled for 5 minutes) 1 Package French Saison Wyeast Labs #3711 Points of Reference: Strike Water Needed 31 L Mash 152 Degrees for 75...

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