Reasons a Home Brew Will Always Be Worth It

Have you had a bad beer past? Start anew and brew your own supply. Here are a few reasons why it’ll always be worth it.

Hello everyone, and welcome back the Bräu Supply blog. Our home beer brewing equipment and accessories company celebrates all that is great with craft beer. From pilsners, to IPAs, to ciders, we love it all! However, we have a sweet spot for beers brewed from our very own homes, crafted with thought and personalized ingredients; and we know that you do, too. Today, we’re going to chat about some of the reasons that a home brew will always be worth it. Before you take your next trip to your local watering hole, consider some of these scenarios. By the end of this post, we’re fairly sure you’ll be convinced that brewing beer yourself will be far more worth it.  

Erasing Your Frat Party Years

Take a trip down memory lane when you squeezed yourself through a sea of sweaty bodies, sticky floors, and deafening music towards the holy grail that is the keg. You finally start topump the handle just to find that the stupid thing is all foam. Those days will forever be ingrained in your mind, but you could make a valiant attempt to record over them with your one home brewing equipment. Never will the fate of an empty keg at a frat party peg you again. Get some ingredients, blast some Lil Wayne, and brew a beer that will allow you to triumph over all of those years of foam.

Pretending You’re Fancier Thank You Actually Are

Face it, domestics are for peasants. Be the nobleman you know you are by brewing a craft beer with your very own home beer brewing equipment. Fill your diamond studded golden chalice with an ale only suited for royalty. Beer that you brewed at home, even if it’s in your mom’s basement, will forever be better than anything your local distributor can offer. Bräu Supply has the home brewing system that will for sure make you better than your neighbors.

Your Father Will Finally Be Proud of You

We can’t blame you for choosing to go to theater camp instead of football camp, but perhaps your father will. Dreams are dreams, but it’s difficult to shake the feeling of our fathers having an internalized disappointment for the courses of our lives. While it might be too late for you to be the All-American athlete turned CEO of a multi-million dollar marketing company, you can do your best to impress dad with a home brew made just for him. What do dads love more than seeing their children live the life they wish they could? Beer.



A Certain Beer That Rhymes with Mudweiser

Do us a favor and take back all that was pure and good with beer, before a certain brand that makes a beer that sounds like “mud-lite” took over the beer world and tarnished the name of the sacred beverage. With home brewing supplies from Bräu Supply, you have the opportunity to take down the brand that sounds a lot like bloodweiser and restore order to the kingdom. Your compatriots are depending on you, valiant knight. Together, we can restore the name beer to it’s former glory!

Thanks for reading today’s post and we hope that our efforts are convincing enough for you to abandon your tainted-past of beer and start anew with a home brewing system. Bräu Supply has all of the supplies to get you started, all it takes is your effort, unparalleled creative abilities, some special ingredients, and you’ll be the royalty we know you are. Check out some of our home brewing supplies and we’ll see you back here soon!  

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