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November 04, 2019 2 min read

We’re all looking for excuses to brew more beer. For some of us, that excuse is that we’re thirsty. For others, they’re thirsty for a challenge. That’s why we’re so excited about Martin Keen and hisHomebrew Challenge! Keen will be brewing a new beer each week using our incredible Unibräu All-In-One Electric Brew System.

99 Styles, All in One System

Brewing a beer a week might sound ambitious, but that’s the name of the game ofthe Homebrew Challenge. Every week, Keen will try a new beer style in his Unibräu system, walk you through the process in his video, and then follow up with tasting notes, commentary, and tips and tricks. He’ll even chat with professional brewers and their takes on each of the beer styles.

The challenge was a response to Keen’s quest to brew new styles of beers. After brewing clones of popular favorites, crafting classic choices, and even trying his own recipes, he struggled to answer the question of “What to brew next?”

Luckily, someone already had the answer for him.The Homebrew Challenge is to brew all 99 beer styles as outlined in theBJCP style guidelines. The Beer Judge Certification Program has created an exhaustive guide that covers everything from your classic American lagers to European sours and even dives into historic beer styles like the “Polish Champagne,” Piwo Grodziskie. Keen will start with 1A: American Light Lager, and will work all the way to 34C: Experimental Beer. Follow along as he explores the nuances of each style.

Founded in 1985 at the beginning of the homebrew and craft beer revolution, theBeer Judge Certification Program works to improve knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the diverse number of beer styles across the world. It also works to create a standardized method by which beers can be evaluated and critiqued. The BJCP has more than 7,000 active judges worldwide who help to offer their insights and nuanced pallets to beer competitions across the globe. 

The Unibräu System Makes it All Possible

If you’re still brewing beer using plastic buckets, a bathtub, and a lot of patience, it might not sound feasible to brew a beer a week. For a challenge like this, you’ll need the right ingredients, the right mindset, and of course, the right equipment.

Made by Bräu Supply, the UniBräu is an all-in-one electric brewing system that can make any type of homebrew beer from grain. Featuring a modular design that makes every stage of the brewing process (including cleaning) easier, each UniBräu system is made from quality stainless steel and premium components. This innovative homebrew setup can brew up to six-gallons of beer in a single session and has a 10.5-gallon capacity. All of the disconnects in the system are of the same kind and grade that you’d find at your favorite craft brewery and can be removed easily for cleaning.

Available in both 120V 1650W and 240V 4000W options, the UniBräu system is the ideal choice for homebrewers of all levels looking to improve their craft. Order your own, or customize your small batch brewing system today!

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